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Charles and Brandi Wells, owners of Wells Farm in Seminole, Oklahoma, would like to thank you for your time and interest in becoming a part of our journey to be a sanctuary for the remnant, feeding all who hunger.

The Who! We are growing family of 6 seeking to follow the directions and will of Yahuah (God). We had no idea, before purchasing our 20-acre sanctuary just how fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding this journey would and continues to be. Year one taught us to dream big dreams and hold tightly to our faith as we allowed Yahuah to guide our feet, lighting each step of our path. Year two showed us how to have patience as we welcomed our first season of building with an infant. We also learned the patience and time it takes to build and gain a presence in a community you are brand new to. Year three tested the strength of our family and our mission. Year three was also the year that tested and refined us as husband and wife and as servants to our Elohim and our community; it showed us just how weak we are and how incredible and faithful He (Yahuah) is. Years 4 and 5 proved the power of perennial systems and covering the ground. There were extreme personal trials amongst our family that prevented us from growing and building the farm as we desired.  Again, Yahuah proved how faithful He is when we trust Him, and the farm sustained and continued to grow.   We are now in our 8th year of navigating this journey with incredible faith and great hope, sustaining peace and deep humility. In short, who we (The Wells') are, is exactly what we are doing, how we are living and who we are loving. We are a sanctuary for the hurting, the hungry, the lost, the broken, the traveler, the orphan, the widow. We are a simple family, living a simple life, desiring to love a community with the love of the Father through teaching food forestry and permanent sustainability.

The What! Now that you know who we are, let’s get into what we do. Wells Farm is a permaculture food forestry demonstration site with Charles being our full-time permaculture education specialist. We educate, train, design and structure the grounds/sanctuary, as well as provide these services to various customers. In addition to permaculture design and education we are a budding nursery.  We offer various perennial shrubs and are cultivating more varieties and trees to add to our store availability.

The How! You may be wondering how we can sustain our mission, our family and help those in our community. It is through the sales of our pioneer and production plants, trees and shrubs we finance the continued growth and expansion of our food forestry education site, family and community. When you purchase a product from our Wells Farm Nursery you are supporting our family and our mission.

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