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A Time for "Kidding"

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

There a is time for all things as scripture tells us. A time to be born and a time to die, etc. Well, here at Well's Farm we are in a time of kidding....a time of birth.

PSA: (Ok so techinally goats "kid" and sheeps "lamb" however, I couldnt quite do the same play on words with lambing. So let's just go with it and have some fun story telling blog time. We will save the technical stuff for business).

We have a small flock of sheep and by small I am talking 4 beautiful white haired sheep. Shamuel, our heard sire is very brute and manly and looks after his ladies as any shivlerous sheep should! Our ewes, Shabbat, Ruth and Shalom are lovely and docile in character. Shabbat is the oldest ewe and expecting any day now. She is ready, large and woddles most places. As an experienced mother I can relate (haha). Shalom is the youngest(born Feb. 2020) and for that purpose was not bred this last fall. She will come into motherhood Spring of 2022. We want her to fully mature and be ready before putting such a responsibility on her. Our precious and most social, Ruth (we call her Ruthie) surprised us all yesterday morning. It was such an experience for our youngest son, Liam. He feeds daily with his dad and this particular morning when pouring the sweet, green treat of Alfalfa in the troth he noticed Ruthie was not there for him to pet. Upon inspection and a hightened sense of hearing his ears perked when a tiny "baaaaa" came from the loafing shed. Ms. Ruthie was a second time momma. She had a single birth last spring for her first. We expected twins at most as she wasnt all that big. What a beautiful blessing to see not one, not two, but three of the sweetest little lambs calling for their mother.

We love adding to our flock. We are awed at the natural processes that exist in nature. We are never to far removed to be humbled by the responsibility to steward over the Father's creations. It is a busy time here at the farm, getting ready for spring, prepping beds, pulling out seeds, tending animals and measuring growth...growth both in the animals and personally.

Though Mrs. Wells may not be a sheep and she doesnt techinally "kid", she too became a mother for the 4th time. She is resting well and enjoying the snuggles of our newest daughter while taking a few breaks to watch some "sheep t.v."

May you all be blessed and humbled for it is a season of birth...just watch the trees....spring is coming.

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